SQ Interline Agreements: What It Means for Airlines and Passengers

If you`re a frequent flyer, you`ve probably heard about interline agreements between airlines. These agreements allow for seamless travel between different airlines, making it easier for passengers to book flights and connect between airlines. One of the most popular interline agreements in the aviation industry is the SQ Interline Agreement.

What are SQ Interline Agreements?

SQ Interline Agreements are interline agreements between Singapore Airlines and other airlines around the world. These agreements allow Singapore Airlines to offer a wider range of destinations and added convenience to its passengers.

When a passenger books a flight with Singapore Airlines, they can choose to connect to other airlines through SQ Interline Agreements. For example, if a passenger wants to travel from Singapore to New York but there are no direct flights with Singapore Airlines, they could book a flight with another airline that has an SQ Interline Agreement with Singapore Airlines, such as United Airlines or Air Canada.

How do SQ Interline Agreements benefit airlines?

SQ Interline Agreements allow airlines to expand their destination offerings without having to operate additional flights. This is especially beneficial for airlines that do not have the resources to operate flights to certain destinations. By partnering with other airlines, they can offer their passengers access to a wider range of destinations without incurring additional costs.

In addition, SQ Interline Agreements also allow airlines to share passengers. This means that if a passenger books a flight with one airline, but their destination requires a connection with another airline that has an SQ Interline Agreement, the two airlines can share the passenger`s booking and revenue.

How do SQ Interline Agreements benefit passengers?

SQ Interline Agreements offer numerous benefits to passengers, such as seamless travel and increased convenience. With SQ Interline Agreements, passengers can book a single ticket that covers their entire journey, even if they need to connect to another airline. This makes it easier for passengers to plan their journeys and adds an extra layer of convenience.

In addition, passengers can also enjoy a smoother travel experience with SQ Interline Agreements. If a passenger misses their connecting flight due to a delay or other unforeseen circumstances, the airline with which they have an SQ Interline Agreement can rebook them onto a later flight without any additional charges.


SQ Interline Agreements are a win-win for both airlines and passengers. They offer airlines the opportunity to expand their destinations and share revenue, while passengers benefit from a seamless travel experience and increased convenience. As a result, the aviation industry continues to see an increase in interline agreements between airlines worldwide, which means that passengers can enjoy even more travel options and benefits.